end of life planning

End of Life Planning.

Plan for your end of life care, then get busy living!

End of life planning is an important process that helps individuals make decisions about their future healthcare and financial needs. Regardless of your age, it’s essential to have a plan in place that outlines your wishes and priorities, ensuring your loved ones know how to handle your affairs if something unexpected happens.

My end of life planning course is designed to help individuals and families prepare for the end of life, providing guidance on how to make important decisions, define your values and wishes, and ensure that your final days are spent in a way that feels meaningful and comfortable.

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The course covers a range of topics, including how to create an advanced care directive, exploring the different types of end of life care options, creating a will, and how to properly manage finances and assets. Trained through Before I Go Solutions, I am a fully licensed and insured practitioner, with experience in end of life care and funeral support functions.

The course is delivered either in a group setting over 6 weeks, or on a one to one basis. You will receive practical and comprehensive information that allows you to take control of your health and financial well being at the end of life. You’ll learn how to communicate your wishes and preferences effectively, ensuring that your loved ones have the clarity they need to make important decisions on your behalf.

It’s all the other things too, such as organising your Power of Attorney and planning what kind of care you want. Making these decisions now and having your plan in place gives you peace of mind – Peace of mind that your loved ones do not need to feel stress and anxiety about decision making on your behalf. End of life planning ensures that your choices are followed through, all the way to the end.

Whether you’re looking to plan your end of life or are supporting a family member or friend, this course is an essential resource. It’s never too soon to start thinking about end of life planning, and I can provide you with the tools, strategies and support to create a plan that best reflects YOUR wishes.

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